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TOES continues to advocate for undergrounding the transmission lines crossing the foreshore and our harbour neighborhoods. Thanks to David Holm of the Puketapapa Local Board and local MPs for successfully petitioning Parliament. In April, Mr Holm and Jim Jackson made oral submissions to the Commerce Committee requesting the committee initiate a public inquiry into creating a long-term program to underground overhead transmission lines nation-wide.

Overhead electricity transmission lines cross the Manukau Harbour foreshore, particularly in the Mangere Bridge, Onehunga and Hillsborough areas. These lines and towers detract from the visual appearance of the harbour as well as the use and enjoyment of the bays and foreshore. Replacing these overhead lines and towers as they end their useful lives with assets underground will improve the appearance, use and enjoyment of the harbour as well as the use and enjoyment of the bays and foreshore.

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